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Awareness is Now

Awareness cannot be in the past or in the future. Awareness knows only the present. The more you are in the present, the less you will be in the past. Awareness is now. Sounds simple right? It is.

Shine a Light on Today

Shine a Light on Today. What are you going to do to reach your goals? What are you going to do tomorrow to achieve your optimum desires? Do you know what you really, really, really, really need, want and desire?

Focus On Riches

To attract money you must focus on riches. It is impossible to bring more money into your life when you say you do not have enough. Stop thinking thoughts that you do not have enough. You always have enough, with even more on the way. The more you think you will be a better person Continue Reading

You Need Hope to Flourish

You can live 40 days without food; four days without water, four minutes without oxygen, but you cannot live four seconds without hope. What do you hope for?

The Freedom to Focus

Focus on your own greatness, radiance and joy and you will then be able to acknowledge and recognize it in others. You will then attract brilliant, wonderful, happy people and situations to you. Focus is an easy way to attract success.

The Best Is Yet To Come

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to live the life you want? Do you know what kind of a lifestyle you want? As high school graduates, the decision may have been to go to college, or maybe work for a year to learn about the real world. What did you do? If you lived in the Continue Reading

Trust Your Intuition

No matter how successful you are, uncertainties about your abilities or intellect are forever present. You want to recognize doubt when it appears and quickly discard it, so you can hustle forward. Your brain, heart, and soul align to help you take actions to produce your desired results. Trust in them to tap into your Continue Reading

What Do You Want to Believe Today?

WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BELIEVE TODAY? What do you want to believe today? Do you want to believe that you can have the life you want? Do you want to believe that you can make the choices that work for you? Do you want to truly believe that you are in charge of your Continue Reading

Do Unto Others

If you are offended by a quality in your superior, do not behave in the same manner with your subordinates. If you dislike a quality in those below you, do not reflect that quality to superiors. If something bothers you from the person at your back, do not push at the one in front of Continue Reading

STOP Spending Money Now

STOP Spending Money Now   I mean it. Stop spending money. You can pay your bills and keep up your obligations, but do not buy any program, course or CD that you think may help your business.   • Start keeping a detailed list of all monies spent every day, starting with that cup of Continue Reading


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