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Team Building for Entrepreneurs

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you need an external and internal team of people to help your business thrive. As a business resource consultant, I also help others build the teams they need for continued success. Whatever the reason for creating the alliance might be – a joint marketing venture with other vendors, or Continue Reading

How To Build an Office Team

Help wanted: professional, flexible, dynamic, well-organized, accurate, self-starter, independent thinker, upbeat, energetic, multi-tasked, experienced team player. A lot to ask of any individual, especially one who has not played on any team since softball in the third grade! Many businesses request a team player without knowing what that actually means. Being on a team means Continue Reading

How To Get What You Really, Really Want

Do you surf the web and spend too much time on Face Book wondering why you are not making the millions touted by numerous Platinum level consultants? Do you find yourself multitasking? Are your thoughts scattered? Do you have a lengthy to-do list? Are any of your projects completed on time? The only way to Continue Reading

The Secret to Getting Along With Your Co-Workers (When You Just Want to Push Them Into the Bushes!)

Have you ever worked with someone who just drives you crazy? Do they do so many annoying things that you are overcome with irrational behavior and feelings? Does just seeing them walk by make you want to push them into the bushes? Then read on to learn the secret to overcoming these obstacles and creating Continue Reading


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