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What is the Best Niche for your Small Business?

The smaller niche, the higher the reward. Many small business owners, entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs say they work with everyone. Impossible. A very specific niche: you may choose to work with left-handed people who live on the East Coast born after 1975. Go deep with your chosen niche.

The Value of Values

Values help you stay inspired and motivated. Values provide you with a strong foundation, with a sense of purpose. Values provide you with a method of living your life to its fullest. Get your full list of values in this book: Vision With a  Capital V – Create the Business of Your Dreams here:

How To Create Flow

As you sit in your office wondering what other successful business owners are doing differently than you, have you ever asked yourself if you should change your methods? Change is to shift or move which means you are possibly doing some changing as you read this article. So it’s not just about change, it’s about Continue Reading

Help Your Small Business Succeed

We have all discovered, again, the only constant is cultural change. Just look around and you will see state and presidential politics on messy display, financial institutions in chaos and Wall Street crashing. This is not the first, nor will it be the last time that we see these ups and downs. However, you may Continue Reading

What Happens When Life Gets in the Way of Your Business?

You have set up your small business, professional practice or solo-preneurship. All systems are go – you have your marketing and promotion in place; your strategies to get new prospects and turn them into clients or patients are in place and working. But wait! Maybe you get sick; a family member has an emergency or Continue Reading

STOP Wasting Time

STOP Wasting Time Small business owners, entrepreneurs and independent professionals who are not successful can waste loads of time on inconsequential tasks. Give up answering your telephone. Hire a service or only answer your phone at specific times. Leave a voice mail message that says: ‘I will return all telephone calls between the hours of Continue Reading

STOP Using Lack of Resources as an Excuse

STOP Using Lack of  Resources as an Excuse Use your imagination! If you need something, ask for it. Be clear, write it down and start attracting it. Make a list of everyone you know, call them and tell them what you want. Focus on what you want instead of what is missing.

Simple Business Strategies to Start the New Year

As a small business owner, business executive, board member or COO of a not-for-profit organization, what you need to determine is how you will spend your time in the New Year: earning, learning, yearning or a combination of all three. Follow the three strategies presented below to create a New Year of abundance, balance, focus, Continue Reading

12 More Steps to Achieve Your Dream Business

Are you a business owner who continues to have questions about how to have the business of your dreams? Do you want to build or start your own business? I have created more steps to help you achieve the business of your dreams as a welcome addition to any system you may already be using.

The Secret to Getting Along With Your Co-Workers (When You Just Want to Push Them Into the Bushes!)

Have you ever worked with someone who just drives you crazy? Do they do so many annoying things that you are overcome with irrational behavior and feelings? Does just seeing them walk by make you want to push them into the bushes? Then read on to learn the secret to overcoming these obstacles and creating Continue Reading


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