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How To Write a Vision Statement

Do you wish you knew an easy effective way to be as successful as possible? Do you want to be the leader in your field?” Do you wish you could attract prospects to you easily and effortlessly to your business? Then you need what Bill Gates, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa and Martha Stewart have Continue Reading

The Value of Values

Values help you stay inspired and motivated. Values provide you with a strong foundation, with a sense of purpose. Values provide you with a method of living your life to its fullest. Get your full list of values in this book: Vision With a  Capital V – Create the Business of Your Dreams here:

How To Create Flow

As you sit in your office wondering what other successful business owners are doing differently than you, have you ever asked yourself if you should change your methods? Change is to shift or move which means you are possibly doing some changing as you read this article. So it’s not just about change, it’s about Continue Reading

Are Business Goals Enough?

You’ve heard of goals, mission statements and vision statements. There are plenty of books and seminars about goal setting. Did you know there were distinct differences in goals, mission statements and business vision? The differences are unique: this information will help you separate what a goal is from a mission statement or a vision. Goals Continue Reading

The Importance of Personal Values

Values are the key to success. Values help you get motivated. Values help you get and stay motivated. Values relate to our purpose in life and are used as guiding principles, rules if you will, to make your life easier. What is important to you? What is important about your business? Do your personal and Continue Reading

Self-Confidence- What it is and How to Get it

Self-Confidence: What it is and How to get it. Some people lack the confidence to live a life of personal success because they are unclear on the differences between confidence and esteem. Confidence in oneself is about trust and is immobile. Confidence develops through satisfaction and experiences good or bad. Confidence in oneself is about: Continue Reading

The Secret to Getting Along With Your Co-Workers (When You Just Want to Push Them Into the Bushes!)

Have you ever worked with someone who just drives you crazy? Do they do so many annoying things that you are overcome with irrational behavior and feelings? Does just seeing them walk by make you want to push them into the bushes? Then read on to learn the secret to overcoming these obstacles and creating Continue Reading


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