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STOP Waiting for People to Praise You

STOP Waiting for People to Praise You You know you provide great products and service. You have saved a client huge amounts of money. You helped them hire the best people. What happens? Nothing. A little thank you here and there, but nothing. You know how hard you worked. Forget about it. *     Call up Continue Reading

Stop the Feeling of Fear

We certainly are seeing many scary headlines in the news. These headlines are nuisance making and filled with fear and anxiety. They are of inconsequential value to us, because all they do is build a culture of fear that can be tapped in any one of us. Fear is the ruin for all of us. Continue Reading

Create Your Own Life the Way You Really Really Want It

Why do I think you need to create your own life? I have observed that many of you are trying too hard, doing too much and not achieving what you really want. You are not achieving because there are too many things in the way: unnecessary obligations at work, at home, and with friends. You Continue Reading

It’s Okay To Have Fun-Really

It’s okay to have fun, really. Having fun can lead to laughter. It really is okay to laugh, no matter what is going on. Have  fun, today, and again, tomorrow and maybe even the next day. Fun and laughter can bring a little more peace to your life. Being in a bad or negative mood Continue Reading

Shine a Light on Letting Go

Each time you revisit your past, especially if you are wishing you had made different decisions, you get in touch with all the emotions you had at that particular time. If you were unhappy, you become unhappy again, if you woe the past, you become woeful again, if you were angry because you wish you Continue Reading

Right Here, Right Now

Right here, right now, there is peace in the world. Right now, someone is loving someone else. Right now, someone is receiving thousands of dollars. Right now, someone somewhere is happy. Right now, someone is doing a good deed for someone else. Who are you, right now? What is your mood, right now? What are Continue Reading


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