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Are You Trying to Get New Clients?

Unless and until you have your Vision with a Capital V™, stop going after new clients. Review your current client list and contact each and every one of them. Eighty percent of your efforts are best used serving your existing client base. They know you. They are the best possible resource for referrals. Always stay Continue Reading

Play Well With Others

In his Nobel acceptance speech, Ernest Hemingway said that to do something truly great, a writer must drive himself “far out past where he can go, out to where no one can help him.” A Business Vision is a project you can do with others; you will never be alone. Sure, you may start off Continue Reading

Decide, Decide, Decide!

In order to decide what you want, you have to KNOW it. Lists are wonderful things and a great method to help you decide. First, build a list of at least fifty things you want from now through the rest of your life. Be outrageous! Do you want to visit the Great Wall of China, Continue Reading

It’s Okay To Have Fun-Really

It’s okay to have fun, really. Having fun can lead to laughter. It really is okay to laugh, no matter what is going on. Have  fun, today, and again, tomorrow and maybe even the next day. Fun and laughter can bring a little more peace to your life. Being in a bad or negative mood Continue Reading

The Secret to Getting Along With Your Co-Workers (When You Just Want to Push Them Into the Bushes!)

Have you ever worked with someone who just drives you crazy? Do they do so many annoying things that you are overcome with irrational behavior and feelings? Does just seeing them walk by make you want to push them into the bushes? Then read on to learn the secret to overcoming these obstacles and creating Continue Reading


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