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Shine a Light On Your Intuition

Shine a Light On Your Intuition It is time to start focusing on your intuition. Intuition comes to us via signals in our outer and inner surroundings. Think you are not intuitive? We are all intuitive, however many do not pay attention to the signals. Sometimes these signals come in dreams. Have a notebook handy by your bed and Continue Reading

Do You Live Your Own Life?

Give a Notice to Vacate to anyone who is renting space in your head. You know who they are. Whoever is controlling your life,release them now. These are people who want to know all the details: the who, what, where and when of you and your life. Decide what matters most to you and only do that. Continue Reading

Do You Have Trouble Focusing?

If you have trouble focusing, try these approaches- Try this. Find a quiet place. Sit still, close your eyes and think of an elephant. Yes, an elephant. Allow yourself to picture this elephant clearly in your mind. If you need a reminder, find a picture of an elephant. Have the elephant stand on its hind Continue Reading

Everything is Energy – Even Your Dog!

I believe that everything is energy. As human beings we are part of what is known as the ‘Collective Conscious’ – everything, including plants, rocks, your body, your dog, your cat,everything you can taste, touch or smell are all made of molecules. Molecules are made of atoms, and so on, which are all made of Continue Reading

The Freedom to Focus

Focus on your own greatness, radiance and joy and you will then be able to acknowledge and recognize it in others. You will then attract brilliant, wonderful, happy people and situations to you. Focus is an easy way to attract success.

Are You Trying to Get New Clients?

Unless and until you have your Vision with a Capital V™, stop going after new clients. Review your current client list and contact each and every one of them. Eighty percent of your efforts are best used serving your existing client base. They know you. They are the best possible resource for referrals. Always stay Continue Reading

Are You Being Distracted?

Are You Being Distracted? Then focus on what is being said not on what you want to say. If you are on the phone with someone, do not do anything else. What may be considered multi-tasking may really be perceived as rudeness. Focus on what is in front of you. If not, you may get scattered, frustrated Continue Reading

What Happens When Life Gets in the Way of Your Business?

You have set up your small business, professional practice or solo-preneurship. All systems are go – you have your marketing and promotion in place; your strategies to get new prospects and turn them into clients or patients are in place and working. But wait! Maybe you get sick; a family member has an emergency or Continue Reading

Focus on the Task, Not the Fear of the Task

Be Healthy – Focus on the task, not the fear of the task. Just got off the phone with a new client and she said she would have to see if she were emotionally available to carry out my suggestions. I told her to complete the task, and look at is an adventure. OK, so Continue Reading

How To Get What You Really, Really Want

Do you surf the web and spend too much time on Face Book wondering why you are not making the millions touted by numerous Platinum level consultants? Do you find yourself multitasking? Are your thoughts scattered? Do you have a lengthy to-do list? Are any of your projects completed on time? The only way to Continue Reading


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