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Let Go of the Past

Joanne Victoria Says: All of us need time to review our lives and when better than the cold dark days of winter. It is Winter and time to review your life to see what is working, or not working. It may be time for you to visit your past, if just for reference, but don’t stay Continue Reading

What Do You Truly Want?

Do you compromise about what you want? Do you figure, oh, well, I’ll just take what I get. Or do you really and truly believe you deserve the best? Remember, you are worth it. Questions to ask yourself: 1. What do I want? 2. Why do I want it? 3. How would my life change if I Continue Reading

Play Well With Others

In his Nobel acceptance speech, Ernest Hemingway said that to do something truly great, a writer must drive himself “far out past where he can go, out to where no one can help him.” A Business Vision is a project you can do with others; you will never be alone. Sure, you may start off Continue Reading

Stop Squeezing the Past

Do you ask yourself ‘What if’? a lot? Like, what if I ran away from home earlier, what if you married that guy or gal, what if you had kids, what if I had made different decisions? What if I had taken that 9-5 job? The list is endless. Each and every time we get Continue Reading

Who Comes First?

I am the most important person in my world. Why not? If I don’t think of me first, then who will care about my welfare and keep me healthy? In the way that I want it, of course. Some of us have been taught to put others before ourselves (for those who are thinking about Continue Reading

Do Your Own Time – Live Your Own Life

We decide based on what we believe. We believe based on what we learn. We learn based upon what we were told. What do you want to believe today? • Give a Notice to Vacate to anyone who is renting space in your head. You know who they are. • Whoever is controlling your life, Continue Reading

Choose Now

Choose, now. Choose. Now. You have it at your fingertips. What do you want? What is your desire? What will make your heart sing? Choose. Now. Take a deep breath, exhale and ask the question. What do I desire? Do what is best for you. Now is the time. Choose well. Choose nothing and you Continue Reading


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