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Awareness is Now

Awareness cannot be in the past or in the future. Awareness knows only the present. The more you are in the present, the less you will be in the past. Awareness is now. Sounds simple right? It is.

Shine a Light on the Nooks and Crannies in Your Life

“When in doubt, throw it out.” If you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it. If you have never spoken, throw away the business card. If you haven’t used it in a year, give it away. If you don’t know who they are, what it is, what the value is, get rid Continue Reading

Coincidence? I Don’t Think So!

There is no such thing as coincidence. Coincidence is one of many threads that lead you to your goal. There are hundreds of other possible threads. If life is like a tree, it should not make much of a difference if you land on one particular branch or another, especially if you are looking for Continue Reading

Change Your Beliefs

All that occurs in your life is a reflection of your thoughts and beliefs. Change your beliefs and you will gain a new perspective. Experience the life you want.

Everything is Energy – Even Your Dog!

I believe that everything is energy. As human beings we are part of what is known as the ‘Collective Conscious’ – everything, including plants, rocks, your body, your dog, your cat,everything you can taste, touch or smell are all made of molecules. Molecules are made of atoms, and so on, which are all made of Continue Reading

Be in the Moment Now

If you really let life take you, if you release control and stop clinging to sameness,you cannot imagine the places you will end up.

How To Create Flow

As you sit in your office wondering what other successful business owners are doing differently than you, have you ever asked yourself if you should change your methods? Change is to shift or move which means you are possibly doing some changing as you read this article. So it’s not just about change, it’s about Continue Reading

Do Unto Others

If you are offended by a quality in your superior, do not behave in the same manner with your subordinates. If you dislike a quality in those below you, do not reflect that quality to superiors. If something bothers you from the person at your back, do not push at the one in front of Continue Reading

Change Your Beliefs

Within you right now is the power to do things you never dreamed possible. Just change your beliefs. What is a belief? Belief is about confidence, faith or trust that something we deem real even if there is no concrete proof. You may have read that hundreds of years ago, people thought the earth was Continue Reading

Shine a Light on Letting Go

Each time you revisit your past, especially if you are wishing you had made different decisions, you get in touch with all the emotions you had at that particular time. If you were unhappy, you become unhappy again, if you woe the past, you become woeful again, if you were angry because you wish you Continue Reading


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