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Let Go of the Past

Joanne Victoria Says: All of us need time to review our lives and when better than the cold dark days of winter. It is Winter and time to review your life to see what is working, or not working. It may be time for you to visit your past, if just for reference, but don’t stay Continue Reading

Focus On Riches

To attract money you must focus on riches. It is impossible to bring more money into your life when you say you do not have enough. Stop thinking thoughts that you do not have enough. You always have enough, with even more on the way. The more you think you will be a better person Continue Reading

Do You Live Your Own Life?

Give a Notice to Vacate to anyone who is renting space in your head. You know who they are. Whoever is controlling your life,release them now. These are people who want to know all the details: the who, what, where and when of you and your life. Decide what matters most to you and only do that. Continue Reading

Be Wise – Attract More Prospects

Be Wise – Attract More Prospects You can only attract more prospects if: 1. You know who you are and what you do. 2. Client benefits are clearly defined. 3. You have programs in place to support your clients. 4. You have plan for action and do it.

The Best Is Yet To Come

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to live the life you want? Do you know what kind of a lifestyle you want? As high school graduates, the decision may have been to go to college, or maybe work for a year to learn about the real world. What did you do? If you lived in the Continue Reading

Decide, Decide, Decide!

In order to decide what you want, you have to KNOW it. Lists are wonderful things and a great method to help you decide. First, build a list of at least fifty things you want from now through the rest of your life. Be outrageous! Do you want to visit the Great Wall of China, Continue Reading

STOP Moaning about the Lack of Cash Flow.

STOP Moaning about the Lack of Cash Flow What you complain about, you attract. The more you say you are in lack, the more the Universe provides you with more lack. Lack is what you are asking for and you will get it, I promise. Instead, walk around your office and look at what you Continue Reading

Stop the Feeling of Fear

We certainly are seeing many scary headlines in the news. These headlines are nuisance making and filled with fear and anxiety. They are of inconsequential value to us, because all they do is build a culture of fear that can be tapped in any one of us. Fear is the ruin for all of us. Continue Reading

To Tell Your Truth

Telling the truth is like riding a bicycle. No matter how out of practice you are, it’ll come back to you. We are missing out on truth telling. We lie to ourselves over and over again, not willing to look at who we truly are. We complain about people; in most instances we have no Continue Reading

12 Steps To Your Personal Success

Are you still living in the past, the past of mistakes, sadness and “if- onlys”? Is negative thinking holding you back from a joyful and abundant future? To look at the past, and say what if I did that instead is not only a waste of time, it is a waste of energy. You cannot bring Continue Reading


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