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Shop in Your Closet with Joanne Victoria

Shop in Your Closet with Joanne Victoria

• Do you have a closet filled with clothes yet still have nothing to wear?

• Does your outside image reflect your true inside?

• Do you keep shopping even though your closet is filled with clothes and shoes?

• Are you frustrated by the clothes for sale at your local stores?

Joanne Victoria will help you to stop shopping, at least for the items that do not work for you.

Did you know that an average trip to the mall costs up to $100.00?

That’s just the money, not the time. The time to get dressed, drive there, shop till you drop, drive back home, remove all the tags, put everything away in the proper place and then, collapse. All retailers are trying to do is to get you to buy, something, anything.

You have all you need; actually, you have more than you really need.

Did you know that you only wear about 20% of what you have in your closet?

Then why are we trying to find a place for 100% of the clutter? We spend over 100 hours per year looking for misplaced items.

It’s that 80/20 rule again. De-clutter your closets now. You can have a family member or friend help you; however Joanne is a neutral party and will look at you and your wardrobe with new eyes, providing you a new direction in your wardrobe.

Why work with Joanne Victoria:

1. Joanne will help you gain more confidence in your authentic style.

2. Joanne will help you be happy with your style choices.

3. Joanne will work with you at your pace to restyle your wardrobe.

4. Joanne will show you how to put your true self first.

5. Joanne has the experience and expertise to help women be more confident, more powerful and more satisfied with their personal style.


Joanne Victoria works with women and men who want to be more confident, more powerful and more satisfied with their personal style. Joanne has been a Personal and Business Development resource for over 30 years. Along the way, she helped clients find a treasure trove of outfits right in their own closets.  Whatever clothes were not in their closet, she helped them purchase in the most effortless way possible. While many clients requested a wardrobe makeover, others wanted to uncover their own personal style.


Joanne will help you to:

˚ Determine what clothing works best with your own personal style.

˚ Discard what no longer works – in a painless, compassionate manner.

˚ Please yourself, first, not others, with your clothes purchases.

˚ Decide what should be purchased.

˚ Spend money on You First!

˚ Learn to love the body you have.

˚ Discover New Directions in style.

˚ Simplify your closet and create new possibilities.


What can working with Joanne Victoria do for you?

• Move you forward to a fantastic wardrobe at your own pace.

• Give you a pat on the back for a job well done.

• Help you celebrate when you are happy and satisfied.

• Support you in telling the truth about yourself and your wants, needs and desires.

• Help you create your own personal style.

• Save you money and time!


Start first to work with what you have in your closet right now. You say you don’t have anything in your closet? I bet you have items in your closet that are not clothes! Maybe you have holiday decorations, gifts for next Christmas, and oodles of home accessories.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What if I have never cleaned my closet and it is filled with clothes from college and even before?

We will take small steps so your closet can look the way you want. How about you get a camera and take a Before Picture of your closet.Really, it’s not a test. Do this just so you can compare what it is now, with what it will be later.


2. Why should I clean my closet? Can’t I just go shopping now?

Of course you could go shopping now for what you think you need. However, I do not want you to waste money. How about we clean out your closet first, and then make a list of the perfect items to purchase.


3. I really love to shop, but hate to clean my closet. How do I handle these mixed emotions?

I love to shop too – really – and we will. As soon as I support you in making room in your life and your closet for clothes you love, then we will go out and spend.


4. What do I do with the clothes in my closet that no longer work for me?

The clothes that no longer work in your life and with your new style can be donated to your favorite charity. In fact, I can take them for you. You will then receive a tax donation suitable for your IRS taxes. Everyone wins. If your clothes are current, maybe still have the tags on and still are not what you want, they can be taken to your local consignment shop and you will receive money back, if they sell.


5. How long will it take me to Shop in My Closet?

It depends. First things first- you do not want to rush since this cathartic process can be tiring. Chaos may reign before there is order. We will work on one season at a time, either fall/winter or spring/summer. The next season can be handled in a follow-up session. Let’s say that your first session takes anywhere from one to three hours, depending on the size of your closet.


6. Do jewelry, shoes and purses count as part of my closet?

You bet they do! We will determine which of your shoes, purses and pieces of jewelry work for you in you new personal style.


7. What if I decide my hair and makeup no longer work with my new personal style?

That’s easy. You will determine hairstyles you like and we will see about finding the perfect hair stylist and colorist to make any changes you want. We can also check out your skin care and makeup needs easily and effortlessly.


8. Sounds like a lot of work. How long will this really take?

We could split the time and do the closet clean out in one session and the clothes giveaway in another. In between, I will provide information for you to decide what hair colors and styles you like.

It’s all up to you.


9. How much do your services cost?

Great question and it depends. It depends on where you live, how large your closet is and how prepared you can be. I usually provide pre-planning materials. These materials, to be completed prior to our first meeting, will help us decide how much time it will be. I usually have a Two-hour minimum fee.


10. What if I have questions either between our sessions, if more than one, or after our sessions?

I provide unlimited email correspondence with my clients. Anytime you have a question, email me at: or


I will usually respond within forty-eight hours. This is a free service for Ninety days and is included with our first   session. At that time, you may need another consultation.

For further information, contact Joanne at: call her at 206-552-4658.


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