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Life Coaching Program with Joanne Victoria

A Life Coach is a combination partner, advocate, confidante, consultant, and facilitator, mentor and strategist. In this role, Joanne Victoria brings vision, clarity, inspiration and motivation to peoples’ lives.

As a Life and Transformation Coach, Joanne Victoria helps people who want to change or transform their lives. Her vast experience, along with her many resources and tools, including numerous articles and six books, provides you with what you need to know in order to create the life you desire.

Joanne will offer you new ways of looking at problems to create new solutions. Joanne coaches in Career, Finances, Friends & Family, Health, Home, Personal Growth, Relationships and Business.

What can a Life Coach do for me?

Some of the benefits of working with Joanne Victoria, Life and Transformation Coach, are:

1.   More Self Confidence: Building self-confidence to take on the challenges of everyday living.

2.   Increased Communication: Learning how to communicate in different and better ways in order to get your message across.

3.   Optimal Health & More Fun: Identifying manageable changes that improve your quality of life.

4.   Great Career: Creating opportunities to generate more income while contributing to others.

5.   Eliminate Stress: Eliminating long-term issues that stand in the way of your dreams.

For further information contact Joanne Victoria at:206-552-4658

Praise for Joanne Victoria’s Coaching skills:

“Joanne Victoria can coach you on Life, Family, Profession, Tenure, Occupation, Business, Management, Leadership and Technology underpinning all of the priors.The extremely difficult and complex, she makes clear, enlightening any positive possibility for you. Joanne does not want you to depend on anyone else but your own self. She transfers wisdom, knowledge, skills, information, ideas, experience and expertise in order to keep your pathway well envisioned and fulfilling (as per you, at your own rate and as per your utmost convenience). Andres Agostini, Risk Management, Futurist

Joanne Victoria makes things happen! As a speaker, she combines wit and humor to simplify serious issues; as a coach, she makes it easy for people to improve communication as well as maximize income and growth. I highly recommend her.” Sharon Cook, President, Cook Public Relations

Joanne Victoria has insight into the nature of things as well as the ability to implement systems. She assists me in making both profound and practical changes that are essential in my life, thereby clarifying my new directions.”- Kimberly Davis, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.,Owner, Living in Balance

“I have worked with Joanne Victoria since 2005. She has helped me mostly in my entrepreneurial endeavors, but often things crossover to my personal life. She has a great knack for moving me to the edge and helping me lift my wings to fly. She opens the window to more clarity so I see the next step and gives me the tools to focus directly on my success. She is amazing.” Sandra Brim, Real Estate Investor

Joanne Victoria is highly skilled at her work. She has ideas packaged in novel, concise, and insightful ways. Thank you Joanne for helping me see there is more to life.” – Marilyn Cohen


Can you answer YES to any of these questions?

• Do you want an unbiased, objective observer?

• Are you looking for clarity about your personal life?

• Do you want to be your best at all times?

• Do you want more consistent communication with your peers?

Then Life Coaching w/Joanne Victoria is for you!

Why hire a coach?

Seeking outside help can be beneficial to your development as a leader. Coaching establishes that all of the answers we seek are inside of ourselves. A good coach will empower you to listen to your own inner voice.

At Gemma & Bixley, we use a whole brain approach in helping leaders become more fulfilled in their own lives.

How does coaching work?

First, we will evaluate your current position to see if you are ready for coaching.

Second, we define a direction and the results you want.

Third, we establish an action plan and a time for completion.

Fourth, as your coach, Joanne Victoria will continue to evaluate your progress, provide feedback and enhance your action plan, as needed, for the utmost effectiveness.


For more information or to set up an appointment call us at 206-552-4658.

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