Gemma & Bixley is built on a foundation of innovative, creative and intuitive thinking. We work with you personally and professionally to unleash the power of your mind and the passion in your heart to help you: REALIZE YOUR VISION | CREATE YOUR LIFE | GROW YOUR BUSINESS | LIVE YOUR DREAMS


Leadership Coaching with Joanne Victoria

Gemma & Bixley works with highly ingenious, creative, forward-thinking, cutting edge, out-of-the-box individuals who want to achieve more and still be true to who they really are.

Thrive with Gemma & Bixley and become skilled at:

• Motivating And Inspiring Others

• Communicating Successfully With A Broad Group Of People

• Using Your Whole Brain To Be An Authentic Individual

• Building The Organization

• Creating Your Vision And Strategies

Leadership is getting results while inspiring trust.

If you are ready to…

• Wake Up And See Who You Are And The World Around You

• Connect Your Mind With Your Heart

• Make Decisions From A Place Of Caring

• Experience Your Own Authenticity

• Become A Great And Effective Leader,

then Leadership Coaching with Joanne Victoria is for you.

Great leaders create big visions, facilitate breakthroughs, solve problems and maximize resources that add massive value to their customers.

When you can inspire others as well as set the bar high for yourself as well as your people, then you will be a great leader.

Praise for Joanne Victoria’s Leadership Coaching skills:

“As a visionary, Joanne Victoria will see your problems and solutions early on. Early on will she preemptively be breath-taken by your potential and all of those benefits and opportunities lying up your way north, yet ignored until now by your same persona (that of you). Andres Agostini

“Thank you Joanne Victoria for your thoughtful insights. It appears the common thread in your development was a growing sense of independence and confidence in your brand of thinking and doing. If only more of us would work by inviting questions rather than giving pat answers. Half the fun is the process, right?” –Dennis J. Deegan CTM, DJ Consulting Group

“I have known Joanne Victoria since 2003. We have been part of a group of life/business consultants over the years. Of all (over 50) she is the most consistent communicator of positive energy. As you are looking for someone to be there BEFORE you need them Joanne is your resource. Be it life, business, or investment Joanne can take you to the next level!” Gerry Rose, DTM

For more information or to set up an appointment, call us at 206-552-4658.

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