Gemma & Bixley is built on a foundation of innovative, creative and intuitive thinking. We work with you personally and professionally to unleash the power of your mind and the passion in your heart to help you: REALIZE YOUR VISION | CREATE YOUR LIFE | GROW YOUR BUSINESS | LIVE YOUR DREAMS



Create the business of your dreams with our personalized consulting services.

Business Intuitive Consulting with Gemma & Bixley

Gemma & Bixley provides personalized business consulting services aligned with expectations and results the client, along with support from G&B, desires.

With our outstanding systematic expertise along with our intuitive gifts, Gemma & Bixley Services of Leadership Coaching, Life Coaching, and Business Intuitive Consulting will help you focus on what works.

“Think again and think big. Anyone can talk about vision, but Joanne Victoria gets you thinking about it, exploring it and then acting on it–all in a matter minutes. I somehow lost my ‘small vision’ during her workshop, and I don’t miss it a bit.”-Ingrid Maltrud, Communications Consultant

Leadership Coaching with Gemma & Bixley

A great leader is willing to take risks, to do what is uncomfortable in a way that inspires others. Leaders maintain their core values, trust their instincts and do what is right for the greater benefit of the largest number of people.

Sometimes, leaders may seem unpopular, especially if they make decisions in the face of heated opposition. These leaders have the courage of their convictions and challenge the real truth.

Whether you are a business owner, or team leader, you will benefit from Leadership Coaching with Gemma & Bixley.

Leadership is getting results while inspiring trust. Discover how to set the values and vision for yourself and your company.

“Thanks to Joanne’s powerful and on-target strategies, I achieved more in 30 days than I had in almost a year previously. I doubled my revenues in the following six months and increased the number of my clients two-fold with her insightful guidance and clear communication.” Bea Vanni,

Contact Gemma & Bixley now at: 206-552-4658.

Life Coaching with Gemma & Bixley

Gemma & Bixley coaches leaders, business owners and senior executives within organizations and corporations of all sizes from small businesses to major multi-nationals.

  • Have you realized great success but are lacking in personal fulfillment?
  • Have you run out of time for yourself?
  • Are your employees considered jumping ship to another company?
  • Are you willing to look at what is possible for you right now?

Then Life Coaching for Leaders, Business Owners and Executives is for you.

Why hire a Coach?

Seeking outside help can be beneficial to your development as a leader. Life coaches establish that all of the answers we seek are inside of ourselves. A good coach will empower you to listen to your own inner voice.

  • Do you want an unbiased, objective observer?
  • Are you looking for clarity about your personal life?
  • Do you want to be your best at all times?
  • Do you want more consistent communication with your peers?

“Joanne Victoria’s strategies for promoting my business have helped me more than any other business or marketing tips I’ve ever received. There is a lot of information out there on how to run your own business, but her techniques truly stand above and beyond the rest. I continue to put her advice into practice on a daily basis.” Jennifer Jackson,  LAc, Redwood Management Services

For more information or to set up an appointment, call us at 206-552-4658.

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