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Vision With A Capital V™ – Create The Business Of Your Dreams

By Joanne Victoria

Vision with a Capital V - book cover

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Vision with a Capital V™ will show you that if you focus on your inner self, you will happily reveal your highest business destiny, your own Vision with a Capital V. Once this inner certainty is practiced, you will discover how to achieve lifelong abundance and prosperity.

Vision with a Capital V™ – Create the Business of Your Dreams features:

  • • Take the “Is your Business for Real?” quiz
  • • The “Tell the Truth about the Current State of Your Business” quiz
  • • Caution Light Clues
  • • The Vision with a Capital V – Twelve Step Program
  • • Seven Strategies to Keep Your Vision Alive

Inside each fully packed chapter:

Chapter One: When was the last time you reviewed your business? Are you still satisfied with your business? Discover the real truth about the current state of your business.

Chapter Two: Many business owners procrastinate on their path to success because of the not so subtle blocks and barriers. Discover what these barriers are and learn how to remove them easily and effortlessly.

Chapter Three: Identify your vision especially if you want to be successful in your business. Discover why a business plan is not enough and determine the value of a business vision.

Chapter Four: You don’t have to do it alone ever again! This chapter will show you how to keep your vision alive with the renowned Seven Strategies that you can use and rely on forever!

What others are saying about this book:

“If you are dissatisfied with $ results and fear change, stop grasping at straws and get “Vision with a Capital V-Create the Business of your Dreams” now! Think Lance Armstrong, Trump or Martha. Their future visions helped them expand their business beyond a marketing plan or promotion. Keep ideal clients, make decisions easy and expand like the rich and famous. Answer Joanne’s interview questions to tell the truth. I loved this book. It’s THE one we should read to be the best business we can be.” — Judy Cullins, Author,

“In her latest book, Vision with a Capital V, Joanne Victoria has forged a path for readers to create and live their own vision with an easy, step-by-step plan. This book will take you on a valuable, powerful venture that will allow you to vanquish your limitations and live your vision with verve, veracity, and victory- all with a capital V!” — Sharon Cook, Public Relations Executive

Vision with a Capital V – Create the Business of Your Dreams is a great read because it gave me the focus I needed, so my business could blossom. It is a quick read; and, if you have stumbled along without direction in your business, the questions you answer will be difficult but exhilarating. You will see fast results if you just read it and do the exercises with thought and perseverance. I did and WOW! I am on my way to reinventing everything about my business, to include the most important things: what services to offer, how and to whom. As the Nike motto says: “Just do it!” and reap the rewards.” — Beatrice Vanni, Editor

Vision with a Capital V is a book we all need. Joanne Victoria gives us a template that is so easily followed for not only creating our vision, but she gives us the action steps to make it happen, too! I especially  appreciated her “Inner Vision” and “Outer Vision” teams. Most of us entrepreneurs seem to think we can do it all ourselves, and Joanne clearly helps us find the inside and outside resources to complete the business of our dreams. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to live their lives with purpose and joy!” Suzy Allegra, Author


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