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Pushy For A Moment – Instant Solutions To Everyday Challenges

By Joanne Victoria and Romanus Wolter

Available now on Kindle for only $5.99

Pushy for a Moment - Book cover

Instant Solutions to Everyday Challenges

What if You Could Have Greater Success, Increased Confidence, More Friends and Less Stress in Your Life?

Opportunities appear when you open up to infinite possibilities and own a vision for your life and your work. Pushy For a Moment allows you to create a method to continually achieve more than you thought possible.

Become Pushy For a Moment right now by reading this book, and in a heartbeat you will:

  • Gain confidence and get out of your own way.
  • Get what you want rather than chase what is missing.
  • Create a positive mindset and accomplish your goals.
  • Trust your intuition to take the right action.
  • Become enlightened in a moment.
  • Experience more peace of mind.

What people are saying about Pushy For A Moment

“This very helpful, motivating book teaches you to move forward by trusting yourself. The more I apply its principles to my life, the less often I find myself kicking myself for not taking the next step. Everyone can benefit from reading Pushy For a Moment.”— Paige Lovitt, Reader Views

“When I started implementing pushy moments rather than ignoring them, my career advanced by leaps and bounds.”— Louisa Kwan, Film Executive

“When I first heard the title, I thought this book would be about motivating others to action. I quickly learned it was about a task much more important, and quite often ignored: trusting ourselves and allowing ourselves to be inspired. Learning how to trust our instincts to the point of putting ourselves in motion is a wonderful skill to have. With their book, Pushy For A Moment, Joanne and Romanus give us a tool to prosper for a lifetime.”— Dave Charbonneau, The Network Capitalist

“You’ll not only gain a life you love, but a one of great financial gain when you read Pushy For a Moment. This breath of fresh air from Joanne Victoria and Romanus Wolter reminded me to call an old famous contact. When I asked if he wanted to do another teleseminar for reluctant marketers, he said Yes! Yes is what you’ll get from applying the “Four Steps” that include intuition, attraction, intentions and action. Thanks for the fresh information–a great read.”— Judy Cullins, Book and Internet Marketing Coach

“Do you remember having flashes of brilliance about a client, prospect or product? These gems are Pushy Moments. Whatever happened to them? Did you take action? By the end of this book, you’ll understand how to and be inspired to take simple actions that will change your life! This little book shows you how to create success in a heartbeat.”— Shelah Barr, Owner: Happy Hounds Massage

eBook set - book covers

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The set includes:

“ Vision With A Capital V™ – Create the Business Of Your Dreams”
“ Lighting Your Path – How To Create the Life You Want”
“ How To Achieve Your Dream Business”

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